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We are looking for a quality, high-tech products from crowdfunding platforms as b5cbee377918b0-ind-barva or 95fb4144d9c699-kickstarter-logo-svg.

✔ Distribution

We have designed a platform to move your products
through today's marketplace. With a chain of stores,
influencers we are the right way to go.


✔ Sales

With a dedicated and focused sales team,
we can meet your requirements and reach our targets.
A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
Here is an example of how we grow from zero to 300pcs in six months.



✔ Communication

It's easy to get lost into today's noise, especially here in Europe,
we give you the voice to be heard and connect with your
customer through consistent communication.



✔ Brand strategy

There is no secret formula more than creating a strategy based on your product values.
We are here to implement your values to a suitable strategy plan for each market.



Internal phases to reach requested MOQ

1. In the first phase, we are working closely with the startup (manufacturer) to set the goalsstrategy, and timeline of the project. 
2. The Second phase take 1-2 months, physical products are at the stock, we are exclusively offering them to the customers via our sites of Milica group. 
3. The product is successfully set into the local market, the third phase can start. The whole package is ready to be shown to the major distributors.
4. The fourth and last phase will sell like crazy, the product is visible at the most of offline or online stores all over the country.

Our exclusive portfolio

✔ Padmate®

✔ Barnerbrand®

✔ Matrix Powerwatch®

✔ Rolling Square®

✔ Arvizon®

✔ Allpowers®

✔ Apption Labs® 

And growing....


Our market

 Czech Republic - Official site

 Slovakia - Official site

 Hungary - Official site in progress

 Germany - Official site in progress

 Poland - Official site in progress

 Romania - Official site in progress


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